Pat's Portfolio

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or a vibrant textile. Sure, black, grey, and white are timeless and classic, but why not wow your spirit with design elements that speak volumes. The great news is, the visions are yours, I’m here to help guide, select, bring it to life.

Here are just a few recent residential styles I’ve created with my wonderful clients. I plan to update this page as we complete their projects. I love the personal touches of Room Service and Before and After which can be found under the services page.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to apply the fine details of a remodel, it’s the perfect time for a consultation!  I will accompany you and be that extra set of trained eyes and ears needed to assist in decision making.

When building your “dream” home, let the decisions made be ones you are thrilled with, not ones you settle for or have to live with until you can afford to change them.

I take great pride in all of my designs. Creating key features and services keeping budget-happy clients in mind excites my imagination. Starting a new project from beginning to end allows creativity to flow and gives me the opportunity to work closely with my clients through every important detail.