Cleaning Tips

Quartz and Granite Countertop Cleaning

Do you see the common ingredient in these cleaning products? Citrus. Look for dishwashing liquid or disinfecting wipes with lemon or orange. Wipe down counters with the wipes or a soft cloth saturated with the diluted dishwashing liquid. Dry with a terry cloth towel. This will clean and disinfect without leaving a waxy residue that some products labeled specifically as a “granite cleaner” will do.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

The windows in my house are a bear to clean. Each window consists of 16 individual panes! What a pain!! I found this mixture to clean streak free. Mix in a spray bottle 1/3 each water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Add 1 drop of dishwashing liquid and keep on hand.

Home Decor Tips

Want a Dramatic Bathroom?

Use MORE tile rather than less for drama. On walls, use more tile than drywall to make a statement. When the tile reaches higher, it feels richer and looks more finished. Consider laying tile all the way to the ceiling in a shower.

Decorating Trend – Colorful Front Doors

Here is a quick and easy way to spruce up your home’s exterior. Paint your front door a cheery hue for maximum impact.

Simple Table Arrangement

Wine bottles saved because of the color and shape and hostas from the yard make a simple, fresh table arrangement.

What is the proper height to position a light fixture over a dining table or island?

Proper placement is 30-34″ from the bottom of the fixture to the table or island top.

Thinking of using an upholstered ottoman as a cocktail table?

The length of the ottoman should be approximately 60% of the total length of your sofa. That equates to a typical 84″ sofa having a 50″ ottoman.

Are you having trouble deciding if the room arrangement is right or if you should change the wall art? Can’t decide?

Take a photo. Usually, as you study the photo, the answer pops right out.

Think you’ve found the perfect paint color?

Don’t depend on the colors on your computer screen to be accurate. If you like colors you see online, get a sample quart of that color and paint it in the area you are thinking of using it. The natural light you have in the room and your type of lightbulb you use will give you an accurate color.