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Welcome to Great Impressions Interiors, where your vision meets my expertise to create living spaces that reflect your personality, style, and sophistication. Nestled in the heart of central Ohio, I am an impassioned interior designer dedicated to transforming homes and businesses with inspired, practical, and stunning design solutions. From the first blueprint to the final flourish, I ensure every detail contributes to an ambiance that is uniquely yours. Embrace the journey of transformation with me, where every space tells a story, and every story begins with a Great Impression.

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Here at Great Impressions, I take a unique, personalized approach to revitalize your interior. It’s all about seeing the beauty and potential in what you already have and then taking it to the next level. We’ll explore your space together, and I’ll share my thoughts on how to rearrange, repurpose, and enhance your belongings with a few carefully chosen additions—maybe a splash of paint, some stylish wallpaper, an area rug, or a striking piece of art that just pulls everything together.

What’s really exciting about this process is how it transforms not just the look of your space, but how it feels. It’s not solely about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that reflects your personal style, meets your needs, and just feels right. Every recommendation I make aims to ensure your space not only looks fantastic but also truly feels like home. Let’s work together to make your spaces shine in ways you’ve never imagined!

Room Services

Ready to give your interior spaces a fresh, exciting upgrade? With the unique Room Service at Great Impressions Interiors, that's exactly what we offer. I tailor each consultation to breathe new life into your rooms by creatively repurposing what you already have to deliver a refreshed and rejuvenated feel, all without the need for a major overhaul. I take a close look at your space, offering a new perspective on how we can use your existing belongings in innovative ways, while adding just the right enhancements. This approach isn't just about transforming the look of your environment; it’s about enhancing its overall potential to best match your personal style and functional needs.

Commercial Services

Let's talk about giving your commercial space a bit of a glow-up without breaking the bank. Your business interior says a lot about your brand, and believe it or not, transforming it into a fresh, welcoming environment doesn’t have to mean splurging on all new stuff or tearing walls down. Sometimes, the secret ingredient for that vibrant new business vibe is right there in your existing space. So, how about we explore the power of color and wall treatments to bring a new zest to your look? With a few strategic tweaks, we can breathe some exciting life into your business area, uplifting the spirits of both your team and your clients.

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Great Impressions is proud to offer GREAT products and design services for your home or office in central Ohio. With over 30 years of experience, I am sure to get you the look you want within your budget. Take a look at the services we can offer you.

To set up an appointment, please give me a call at 740-337-1649.