A Look Into The New Year

2021- I think we all were glad to turn that calendar page and say good riddance to 2020. What a year!

I can honestly say that we have not been affected by the virus with the exception of being inconvenienced and missing personal contact with friends and family. I worked all through 2020 and with sincere thanks to my loyal clients I had my best year ever in sales! I love what I do and sincerely thank each and everyone that helped make it a successful year.


Just like you, we spent more time at home. For some people that experienced working from home for the first time, they needed to find a spot where they could work without interruptions. Finding a place for the kids to virtually attend school was another big change in their homes. These circumstances were reasons to change that extra bedroom into an office or use the dining room as a schoolroom. For some, like my husband, they had more time on their hands. I was very fortunate and he was willing so we made numerous changes in our home.

Here is a list of the projects we completed in 2020:


Master Bathroom – Removed walls, painted, new shower, new vanity top, faucet, and tile

Sunroom – Refinished the woodwork

Living room – Refinished the woodwork, new window treatments, paint

Foyer – Refinished the woodwork, new wallpaper

Kitchen – Painted the woodwork, ombre paint treatment in bookshelf

1/2 Bath – Painted trim and wainscoting

Upstairs Hallway – Removed original attic pull-down stairway, patched large hole in ceiling, paint

Oh, and a new furnace! 

So what’s in store for 2021? I haven’t thought much further than my upstairs office. That room is in the works as I write this. New paint, carpet, new natural shades with moveable liner (I’m excited to see those), new ceiling fan and ceiling light; new lamps and art!

Here are the selections so far for my office.

We would love to have gas lanterns, something like this, on the front of the house. We need to research that project more before committing to it. 

Have you thought of what things you want to change? 
I’d love to help, give me a call.

One thing I know for certain this year, just like every other year, is that our homes change and there is always something to do. And there is no such thing as being done! Ever!

As we put away Christmas decorations, it’s natural to want to organize or be more organized. For some, the problem is where to start. If you continue to struggle with organization, start with the kitchen. As the center of the home, it can quickly become the drop-off spot for all kinds of clutter. Here are some common things that quickly collect and need to be purged:

Expired foods in the pantry or cabinets.
Refrigerator and freezer – expired foods and foods that no one will eat
Spices – discard any not used in the past year
Duplicate kitchen utensils
Stained dishcloths and towels
Pans or dishes with a lid
Chipped dishes and cups
Plastic containers without lids
Worn out sponges or scrubbers
Cookbooks that you never refer to

Complete this task and you will be motivated to move on to the next room!


Healthy Recipes

A common theme for the start of the new year is to exercise more and eat healthier.  This year is certainly no exception. How many times have you heard people mention the Covid 20? Lots more time spent sitting didn’t keep excess weight off!  I start my day every morning with a smoothie. Your favorite combination of fruit, yogurt, almond milk, and protein powder is a great start to the day.

Check out my Pinterest page of Good Healthy Eats.

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