April Showers Bring May Flowers

The beginning of May makes us all want to celebrate the warmer temperatures; the beauty of nature; getting ready to plant flowers; and enjoying time outside. 

A sure sign of warmer days is getting the porch ready. Who doesn’t like to sit on a porch? Whether you have an open porch or one that is screened in, a porch is a great space to relax in. 

Update Your Porch This Spring

I was fortunate to sit on my porch this morning, pondering what to write about porches.  My first call was from a client needing help with paint color for the new porch she is adding to the front of her house.  I had to laugh.  I said for sure she had to paint her porch ceiling a shade of blue.  Her nephew, who lives in the south, had told her the same thing.  The porch ceiling needs to be “haint blue”. 

There isn’t a specific color “haint blue”.  As I read somewhere, “it haint blue and it haint green”.   Haint is a variation of the word “haunt”, meaning ghost or troublesome spirit.  The legend holds that a Haint could not cross through or over water.  By painting this shade on the ceiling of a porch, it was thought you could trick the Haint into thinking it was water and therefore keep evil spirits away.   Whether you believe the legend or not, a shade of blue on a porch ceiling is pleasant.  I’d love to sit on one of these porches sipping sweet tea.  Want to join me?

Interested in painting your ceiling blue? This color is very close to a haint blue. 
Benjamin Moore recommends Allure 771 for your porch ceilings.

Formal and Fresh Ideas

Various shades of blue seem to be most popular in 2021.  This recent project features a blue and white living room.  The white linen draperies and roman shades and banded with this beautifully embroidered tape.  The blue and white print fabric on the window seat will be repeated on pillows for the new sofa.  As furniture continues to have long lead times, we are patiently waiting for the white sofa that will have a contrast welt in blue.  This formal living room has a comfortable welcoming feel.


Warmer Days Means Time to Grill

On the menu, tonight since it’s going to be 79 degrees outside is grilled pork chops. 

Do you have a favorite dry rub?

Our go-to rub is Pampered Chef Smoky Applewood.

Let’s Start Cooking

There is no need to fire up the smoker with this mild smoky flavor of Applewood, garlic, and chili peppers.  It’s delicious on pork, chicken, and burgers.  It’s not difficult to create your own rub concentrating on your favorite flavors. 

Here is a recipe for a sweeter dry rub that’s a favorite of mine.

Until next time…I hope you are lucky enough to have some of these hydrangeas growing in your yard or better yet, surprise Mom on Mothers Day (May 9) with some!