Halfway Through 2021

Happy belated 4th of July! How can it be July already? I think I say that each month. This year is passing quickly. We are in the midst of summer and enjoying the fruits of our spring planting. Here is a tip to keep your hanging baskets as beautiful as these.

These clients fertilize regularly with Miracle Grow every 7-10 days. It’s worth it for results like this! Put it on your calendar!

Another gardening tip – Have you had the hydrangea blooms quickly wilt when you bring them inside? If you follow these instructions, you will enjoy those gorgeous blooms.

Take a container of water out to the garden with you when cutting hydrangeas. Use sharp clippers and cut the stem on a diagonal and immediately put the stem in lukewarm water. Strip the leaves off the stems (they are big water drinkers). Crush the bottom of the stems or cut a slit up the stem to allow more water to be absorbed. Hydrangeas produce a “sap” that clogs their stems and blocks water from traveling up to the bloom. So…after crushing the stem, dip it in boiling water for 30 seconds and immediately into a vase filled with room temperature water. You read that right – boiling water! Replace the water every other day to keep them fresh. Give the stems a fresh cut and another dip in boiling water before putting them in the fresh water. Then enjoy!

This photo of a room I love hangs on the bulletin board in my office. It’s dated 2005. I love everything about it today just as much as I did when I cut it out of a trade magazine! When you find things you love, they stay with you for a long time. If I ever found those cocktail tables, I’d snag them up! If I am ever creating a room from scratch, I own a similar sofa and 2 rabbit prints that I love.  I know an artist that could create the sunflower art. I just need another room!

To Paint or Not To Paint

I’ve had several clients with stained kitchen cabinets who want to change the look of their kitchen by painting the cabinets. It is a sure way to lighten and brighten the space. 

Using the right product if you decide to tackle it yourself is key. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both have products designed for this purpose. Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel by Sherwin Williams has excellent flow and leveling characteristics which results in a smooth, durable finish. The Advance line from Benjamin Moore is another product designed for painting cabinets that gives great results. As with any painting project, the correct prep is key to a successful result. Yes, that means cleaning, sanding, and priming then sanding some more. It is a big job worth doing right! 


Another Lake House Update

I’ve yet to hear a homeowner say a remodel project took less time than they expected! Projects always take longer than anticipated. These homeowners had hoped to be enjoying their house by now. Such is not the case due to unforeseen delays being experienced in every industry. The luxury vinyl floors are being installed. After an extended delay in the original selection, we selected Masland’s TruCor  9” wide plank in Natural Oak. Backed by a lifetime residential warranty, the waterproof material with an attached pad will perform well in a busy household.

This beautiful blue tile is nearly finished in the guest bath shower.  The floor is this large white hex tile with blue and orange speckles. We had the blue grout custom matched to the blue vanity color.

We’ve used navy and orange here and there throughout the house. We hope to use this Sunbrella fabric for the cushions on the screened porch.  Unfortunately, this fabric is back-ordered as are many Sunbrella fabrics. Won’t it be great and worth the wait? We think so!

A Summer Cookout Staple

Do you need a quick recipe for a last-minute get-together? My friend says this always gets rave reviews. Try it and let me know what you think!

As you plan your next project to change or update things in your home, be prepared for delays. Everything is taking longer and anticipated arrival dates can change several times. Don’t be discouraged and settle for something you don’t really like. You may think you will get it done and change it later. In reality, the change usually doesn’t happen and you end up living with something you don’t really like. So until next time, remember…

Good Design Takes Time