Happy February

Happy February!

With the holidays, projects, and family issues the month of January has passed in a flash. As I write this, it is cloudy and a balmy 50 degrees but we know that won’t last. We still have quite a bit of winter left. Knowing that, I still have winter décor out in my home. On days like today, I want to put all that away and jump to fresh green plants. 

It seems every year at this time; I get the urge to change something in the house. This year it is the wall décor around our tv. I thought I had come up with a plan only to discover it won’t work as planned. My vision was for a pair of large vertical mirrors, a pair of fern prints, two shelves with decorative brackets, a wall pocket that is now in my dining room, an antique corbel, and 2 urns with large green leaves. Thinking ahead before I ordered anything, I cut out paper in the sizes of the mirrors, art, shelves, and wall pocket and taped it up on the wall. Surprise! They are too big! I am so glad I did this. So for Plan B, one mirror will be placed horizontally over the tv instead of placing one vertically on each side. The art prints needed to be smaller and the wall pocket will be staying in the dining room. With everything down off the wall, we discovered we really miss the clock so the shelf on the right side will be the perfect place for one.

Here is where I started and where I am hoping to end up.

leaf prints on wall, and paintings around television

Project Updates

This kitchen remodel started last June. They started the demo January 3. We didn’t expect that these walls were load bearing but one is. So, it is time to improvise. Here is a before and during.

Before & During Kitchen Renovation

A new build that is ready to move in to. There is so much I love about this! The soapstone counters. Oh my, just fabulous!! The kitchen backsplash tile is a little distressed and will be perfect with the many antiques they have. Every wallpaper is beautiful and adds interest to a new build. The shiplap-looking wallpaper in the finished basement totally makes the space. The homeowners used similar wallpaper in a bonus space in their current home and loved it so much; they wanted to use it again. Custom valances and draperies still need to be installed but it’s move in ready. Enjoy!

various shots of decorated rooms in home, including living room and bathroom

Lighting Tip

Have you heard of “smart” light bulbs? Have you priced them? You can have “smart” light fixtures without having to buy all new bulbs. Check this out!

various light switches and plugs

Click here

Winter Soup

You can’t beat a great soup for our Ohio winter days. This is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it.

Nothing goes better with soup but a great slice of bread and butter. I’ve just started making sourdough bread. When I get the timing figured out, I’ll share the recipe and tips with you. If you have tips to share, please do!

Corn Chowder

Recently I was blessed to get a wonderful compliment. A favorite client said to me “that’s why I love you so much, you are always an optimist”. I like to think I’m a glass-half-full type of person rather than a glass-half-empty. I saw this post that a friend recently shared. It’s so true.

no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasters - aesop

Until Next Time…