Happy Holiday Season

We’ve had a beautiful fall with above normal temps. My dahlias continue to bloom beautifully. This pink dahlia has to be one of the most beautiful blooms ever!

After the first frost, it will be time to dig the tubers and save them for next year. I shake off the excess dirt and place them in a cardboard box and put them in a dark place in the basement. I’ve already done the same with my amaryllis bulbs. I marked the date on my calendar that lets me know when to pot them up and get ready for after Christmas blooms.My mother sends me an amaryllis from White Flower Farms every Christmas. I love that they bloom in January or later. I plant the bulbs in the garden for the summer. It strengthens them and some have produced another bulb! Nothing beats fresh flowers or blooming plants inside.

And so this ends another season of gardening. 

Mark Your Calendar!

 The next couple of months will be a busy time for everyone.  Mark your calendars now for Downtown Marion’s tree lighting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 26.  Small Business Saturday is Sat., Nov. 27.

Plan to shop local and support our local stores and restaurants. I’m on the committee for It’s All Downtown This Christmas. We’ve asked local businesses to go all out lighting up downtown. There will be a lot of family friendly, fun activities to attend. Watch the Downtown Marion Facebook page for details. You won’t want to miss visiting Santa in Founders Park on Dec. 11 and 18. The park will be beautifully lit and decorated by Dayspring Wesleyan Church.  I’ll keep you updated with the events. Hope to see you there!

Could we possibly be lit up like Rochester, MI?
Check out the Big Rochester Light Show using the button below! If you are looking for a quick weekend trip, it’s fabulous!

Rochester Light Show

Healthy Breakfast is a Must!

I don’t know about you, but I do more cooking in the upcoming months. With all the activities going on, it’s smart to have a healthy breakfast to start your day. I love to serve this Baked Oatmeal with a dollop of vanilla yogurt on top. It’s a quick and easy to make the night before.

Are You Suffering from Renovation Procrastination?

Have you pondered a major kitchen or bath remodel? Did you start the plan 5-6 years ago? It’s not uncommon. You have an idea; sketch it out on paper; share it with family and friends; watch HGTV for ideas; change the plan; share with a friend from work; change the plan incorporating new ideas; watch more HGTV and soon a year has passed! Sound familiar? Each of us can live with a certain amount of inconvenience.

 I recently visited someone with broken cabinet doors and a missing kitchen cabinet. She said it had been that way for 5 years because they can’t agree on how the kitchen should function. Everyone is telling her she has to have an island. When I pointed out that she needed to allow 42” between the island and other cabinets for opening the dishwasher and oven, an island was not the best layout for her space. People said she didn’t need that much space so they made no headway on the remodel. I taped an island out on the floor and then she could see it wouldn’t work. The peninsula layout fit her space better. Tada! I thought I had solved the procrastination issue. 

But no, her next idea was to vault the ceiling, redo the fireplace and knock out the wall between the family room and 3 season room! No wonder they had lived this way for 5 years! Overwhelmed! We then discussed budget because I was being blinded by $$$$$! The budget wasn’t there for all of the above. That’s not to say they couldn’t have a beautiful, efficient living space. I suggested to her we start with the kitchen and new flooring. Installing a new door to the 3 season room that works smoothly and is more energy efficient will go a long way with how she feels about the space. When this part of the project is complete, they could consider opening up the space without damaging the parts that were completed.

We all need to start somewhere. I’ve always said that “one thing leads to another”. Having a beautiful new kitchen may give them the confidence to remodel the bathroom. I’ll let you know how this develops.

 In all of your celebrations, take time to savor the moments and cherish time spent with family and friends. Thank you for your business and friendship. I cherish all of you. I wish for you a beautiful Christmas season filled with your favorite things. May 2022 bring good health and prosperity.

Until Next Time