Happy Labor Day and Happy September from Great Impressions

Hello September!

We are inching towards fall with the cooler nights and not-so-hot sun. It’s time for fall mums and pumpkins! I recently read that if you want your mums to come back every year, plant them early – like now! I have several yellow mum plants that I have had for several years. They come back every year. I’m not sure if I planted them early or not.

September is a great month to cut hydrangeas to dry for your interior bouquets. August to October is the best time to cut hydrangeas for drying. Some varieties will dry beautifully on the bush. Pick the blooms when they turn a color you love and feel somewhat papery.

Fill a vase with two inches of water and add the flowers. Make sure all the stems of the hydrangeas are submerged. Keep an eye on the blooms and water. The blooms will continue to dry. If the water starts to get stagnant, you will smell it, so replace it to the same water line. The goal is to let the water evaporate naturally.  

Keep flower heads away from sunlight so they don’t bleach out.   When the heads are dry and crisp they are ready! They can be used to decorate and do not need any water! 

beautiful flower

A Touch of Black (Or a Whole Room!)

It’s that time of year when the paint companies introduce their color of the year. Behr’s selection for 2024 is Cracked Pepper. As long as I can remember, people have said every room needs a touch of black.  Are you gutsy enough to paint the walls black?

I’ve had 2 clients paint their walls black on my recommendation. Neither looked at me like I had lost my mind! The key is lots of natural light and white trim. The recent trend of all-white rooms is a thing of the past and there is a shift towards darker neutrals. You might think to yourself that dark walls will make your room darker, but the key is to do this in a room that gets lots of natural light. You can also balance out the dark walls with a white ceiling, light furniture, white or light-colored artwork, and light-colored window treatments. I love the contrast with dark walls and white ceilings. It’s so crisp.

homes with black whites and white trims

September Home Maintenance

As the weather gets cooler it’s important to keep up with maintenance around your home. Here are a few of my recommendations for the month.

September to do list

A Handy Gadget

For years the standard color of electrical outlets and switches has been almond. With the popularity of white trim and cooler colors (lots of gray), the almond outlets and outlet covers clash. Changing all the receptacles and switches may require the services of an electrician. This outlet cover goes OVER your ugly outlet for an instant facelift. This DIY gadget makes the job simple. Check it out!

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Recipe Of The Month

Apple Pie

Who doesn’t want something with apples with time of year? 

apple pie recipe
Enjoy the little blessing today

Until Next Time…