Hello June!

WOW, for me, the month of May flew by so quickly! As I turned the calendar page to June, it looks like this month may pass quickly, too! We need to savor each day of beautiful sunshine, pretty flowers and pool time! We start our day sitting on our enclosed porch and end our day there too. Comfy chairs and a porch swing offer views of our small backyard. I hope you have a special place in your yard to enjoy the beauty of this time of year.

I recently helped my friend lighten and brighten her screened porch. We changed the color of the bead board from taupe to SW6163 Grassland, the same color as her kitchen which is close by. The darker stained ceiling was changed to SW6505 Atmospheric, a pretty blue. The lighter colors make this an inviting space to relax, read and dine. The views on 3 sides are of their beautiful back yard. We selected a pretty green and cream patterned rug and bright floral cushions for the wicker chairs. New art pieces featuring birds and freshly painted bird houses mimic the feathered friends seen in their yard. My friend is really happy with the new look of her space. I’ve heard her say several times, “it’s so pretty!” That’s why I love what I do.

My Kitchen Update

Back in April I told you that my husband painted our kitchen. The window treatments are finally here and I love them. My idea of using a black and white wallpaper on the back of my built-in shelf doesn’t feel right. I’ve selected a green and white all-over pattern with animals on it. It’s ordered but not here yet. Good design takes time!


Gardening DIY

Summer is gardening season, and amongst the beautiful flowers are weeds. We all have to deal with them. Here are a couple of pet and kid-friendly weed killers.

  1. Pour boiling water directly on the weed and the ground around it to also get the roots.
  2. Mix together in a spray bottle – 3 cups white vinegar, ¾ cup table salt, 2 tsp Dawn and 3 tsp arthritis rub that contains methyl salicylate, which is wintergreen oil. Spray on weeds.

A Delicious Summer Recipe

Strawberries are the fruit of June. Enjoy this recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bars. Yum!

It was a sad day at our house last week when we had to say goodbye to Bella. She lived to be 14. She was terrified of everything when we rescued her 11 years ago. She soon came around and was sweet and very friendly. Her favorite game was to play ball. She didn’t know when to quit. We miss you sweet girl!

My website www.grtimpressions.com has just been re-done. Please check it out! The creative team at JPB Professional Marketing did a great job!