Happy May

It is blooming season and I couldn’t be happier! The smell of freshly mown grass and flowering trees is fabulous. It may be a little early, but I’ll take it! The month of May means that one of my all-time favorite things is happening, visiting the rural greenhouses in Richland County. The rural countryside views and the fresh smells in the greenhouses are so invigorating. I especially appreciate the combination of colors and textures put together in the beautiful combination pots. Just as color and texture is so important in interiors, it is equally important in exterior design. One of those beautiful arrangements is now by my side door.

I couldn’t resist the fabulous bloom on this Lady Slipper. I was fortunate enough to keep another plant alive and blooming in the house since last year. This color combination caught my eye. It’s now gracing my kitchen table.

I’ve always loved flowers and digging in the dirt. The recent changes I’ve made in our home reflect that. I’ve created a real botanical theme by selecting things I love. The botanical prints in the living room, the leafy patterned wallcovering in the foyer and the new fabric for the kitchen all have nature in common.

Recent Remodels

Kitchens and bathrooms seem to be the rooms people are remodeling the most and need the most help with. Some are more challenging than others. This recent project had its share of challenges. After being told by 3 contractors that the wall was not load bearing and could be removed, it was found that that was not the case. I was horrified to find out that a post was necessary in the middle of the island! The combination of a post in the middle of the island and a pop-up exhaust fan gave the stone fabricators quite a challenge! After many conversations and a sleepless night or two, it is complete and beautiful. I’m sure you will enjoy this before and after.

Delicious Mushroom Pasta

With the weather being so pleasant, I love to work outside so I’m always looking for a quick dinner idea. This pasta creation came together quite deliciously. It is patterned after the fabulous mushroom pasta at Amatos’. It was quick and easy and we loved it! I hope you enjoy it too!

There is some scientific truth to the saying “Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses.” Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Take some time to appreciate the good things in life!

Until Next Time