September is Here!

What is your favorite season? A friend said the other day that her favorite season is fall. I got to thinking, what is mine? I love the cooler temps of fall after the hot humid days of summer. I love the first snowfall of winter. Sweaters and layering are my favorite clothes. The first blossoms of spring after the dull days of late winter are hopeful. Opening the pool and buying annuals means summer is here. So do I have a favorite? I’m happy that I live in a place where I can enjoy all 4 seasons!

The Latest at the Lake House

The lake house project is coming to an end. Not too soon for the homeowner! A remodeling project is stressful and always takes longer than anticipated! You can plan all the details but there is always a hiccup!

This large scale plaid in shades of brown and black is perfect for the roman shades and jumbo bolster on each bed.


The original vanity in the master bath was modified and topped with black and white dolomite for the top.  The textured wall covering is the perfect background for the twin mirrors and wall sconces in a polished nickel finish.


The master bedroom was large enough to wall off one end and create a home office. Perfect since we are able to work from anywhere! The ceiling was vaulted and finished in tongue and groove wood. The chandelier is fabulous!


Slab door cabinets in walnut are perfect for this mid-century modern home. Another fabulous light fixture hangs above the dining table but does not obscure the fabulous lake view. Note the waterfall edge of the island in Cambria Ironsbridge.

This week we will Facetime and talk about rugs, accessories and art. Stay tuned for the finishing touches and final results! 

Fresh From the Garden

The end of summer brings an abundance of garden vegetables.  The favorite in our house is tomatoes.  We’ve had our share of BLT’s but this version of grilled cheese sounds amazing!
Put this on your list of “what to have for dinner”.

4 slices bread
2 T olive oil
4 T basil pesto
1 ball fresh mozzarella, room temp, sliced ¼” thick
1 large tomato, room temp, sliced ¼” thick
Salt and pepper to taste

Brush one side of the bread with the oil. Assemble the sandwich with pesto, mozzarella and tomato. Season as desired. 
Grill until golden brown. Enjoy!

Kind Words from the Lake House Owner

“This is my third full home with Pat over a period of 20 years. She is so generous with her time and talent. She helps you make your home more you than you knew it could be. It’s not about a cookie cutter formula she applies. I believe I save money and time working with Pat. I don’t make the mistakes you sometimes make when decorating by yourself. She’s able to see the entire vision, which is really difficult when your home is just an empty shell. I had one word for this house when we started, fun. With Pat’s  help I’ve been able to accomplish that. When friends and have family have come to visit they’ve used the word fun to describe the house. The first couple of times it happened I was so surprised that they verbalized the very feeling I had wanted to create. I don’t think it could have happened without Pat’s guidance. “


Mark Your Calendars

The Lofty Spaces and Unique Places tour is Sept. 18 from 4-8 PM. I happen to have some inside information and I’m telling you this is going to be an event you won’t want to miss! There are “never seen before” lofts and renovated architectural treasures in our downtown. Here is the link to get your ticket! 
I hope to see you there!

Get Your Tickets!


Until Next Time