The Start of Spring

Leaving the cold and snow days and our thoughts turn to Spring!

Although our recent snowfall was beautiful, like many of you I am ready for sunshine and warmer days.  I’ve put the snowmen away and brought in more green.

Green plants complete your design by adding texture and softening vignettes. Live plants not only add to your décor, but they also freshen the air you breathe and help you stay focused, productive and positive. We can all benefit from those qualities. I couldn’t resist these hyacinths from the grocery store.  I’ve enjoyed watching them sprout and can’t wait for them to open. That’s the smell of spring to me!

If you don’t feel you can care for live plants, there are nice quality impersonators available.

This faux maiden hair fern is a great texture that I added to my mantle.

This glass piece with the etched ferns in the glass is a favorite piece of mine. It usually has a battery-operated candle in it. I changed things up and put another faux fern inside. 

Moving accessories around and using a bit differently is an easy way to get a fresh look.

Bring the Spring Inside

Another way to have fresh flowers inside is by forcing branches.  You can force branches from forsythia, crab apple, lilac, cherry trees, dogwood, quince, and more.

Select branches with lots of plump buds that look ready to open. Cut branches on the diagonal to the desired length and place them in a bucket of water. Keep them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to display them inside. The warmth of the house and the indirect light will give them the boost they need to force out leaves and flowers.

When you are ready to display them inside, cut off any twigs that would be below the water depth.  Make diagonal slices in the branch to allow it to take on more water. Add flower preservative to the water or you can add 1 can of lemon-lime soda per gallon of water. Arrange them in your choice of containers letting the branches spread out. Make sure to change the water every couple of days to keep it from becoming stagnant. Depending on the variety chosen, it will take 2-5 weeks for you to enjoy blooms.

The Beginning of Something New

I’m working on a really fun lake house remodel in Michigan. This project is all taking place long distance with meetings via Zoom. The beauty of technology! This fun white and black hex tile will be the master bathroom floor continuing into the shower. This 12 x 24 white Botanic Gloss tile will be the shower walls. How fun is this!? 

I’ll continue to share bits and pieces and share the entire completed house come summer.

What Are Your Thoughts on Blue?

Various shades of the color blue are very popular in my current projects.  Although I haven’t had a client want to go this bold like the Benjamin Moore Normandy Blue in this kitchen, my clients are wanting blue walls, blue carpet, blue upholstery, and blue in their wallpaper. The crisp blue and white color schemes are definitely timeless.

Words of Wisdom

Until next time,