Trick or Treat

Happy October!

It’s officially fall. There’s a new crisp chill in the evening air. It’s time for apple cider donuts, football, tailgating, pumpkin carving, and the latest version of Pumpkin Spice something. I’ve even included a pumpkin spice recipe without pumpkin! 

You’ll have to read to the end to see the tasty snack I’ve shared. The recipe I’ve shared does not have the calorie count of the frozen pumpkin spice latte from Dunkin which has more sugar than 14 donuts! Whoa – I will not be consuming that tasty treat!

The cooler temperatures of fall have us wanting a more cozy feeling in our homes. That feeling can come from textures and warm colors. When your main color scheme is neutral it’s easy to warm up your spaces with the addition of the colors of the season. A recently completed kitchen/family room project is pretty neutral but not boring at all. The space originally had a lot of honey oak trim and doors. 

The homeowner wanted to downplay the honey oak but keep the fairly new solid oak doors. We painted the baseboard, window trim, and door trim black. The decorative range hood, island, and perimeter countertops are also black. It’s definitely a cozy space that will handle the addition of seasonal colors easily

october kitchen

Incorporating Black In A Room

Adding a touch of black to every room grounds the space allowing your eye to “settle” into the room. This may be a table base, a large tray, or a variety of black accessories. My kitchen is an easy place to do that. I have a black table base and some black lines in the drapery fabric. When I came across pumpkins in black and white stripes and plaid, I knew they would be the perfect fall accessories for me.

Trick Or Treat

It’s nearly time for TRICKS and TREATS.  Here are some that have nothing to do with candy!

A TRICK for pet lovers – this pet gate slides back into the wall – Brilliant!

pet gate

It’s definitely a TREAT to see these beautiful dahlia blooms!

dahlia blooms

The multitude of blossoms on the hydrangeas right now is definitely a TREAT! Last month I shared a TRICK to saving the blooms!

hydrangeas bloom

Another gardening TRICK is to overwinter geraniums by removing the dirt from the roots. Hang them upside down in your basement for the winter. Check them periodically and spray them with water or soak in water and hang them again. Repot them in spring. These are a product of that method.

Another gardening TRICK is to overwinter tuberous begonias and this Rex Begonia – remove the dirt and leaves and put in a brown paper bag in the basement

rex begonia bloom

Recipe Of The Month

Pumpkin Pie Spice White Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

Celebrate the fall season with this TREAT – A pumpkin TREAT without

Until Next Time…